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About Mike Z-COMM

Hello, My Name is Mike Ziegemeier, and thanks for looking into Z-COMM. Here is a little about my life; I am a family man living in the Coweta (Tulsa,OK) area. I have a wonderful wife (Megan) who does all she can to support me in my business. We have 2 great kids,dog,cats,hamster, and at times turtles or maybe a frog.

 I strive to provide for our family, as well as the family's of the techs that we are involved with. 

After high school I began working in the construction field, building homes in up and coming neighborhoods in Tulsa, OK. I was very interested in the electrical field. But in less than a year I was working for S.W.Bell on residential routes hooking up dial tone in the Tulsa area. That is what really got me started working in the communications industry about 16 years ago. Now I have worked for just about every provider out there and have traveled all over the US. I quickly realized that there is a need for technicians that actually know what they are doing. You would think it would be easy to find good techs, but the reality is the industry changes equipment, and specs faster then anyone can keep up with. Many techs only work on what devices they specialize in and that's all they care to keep up with. I understand this because I did the same thing, at first. I soon realized that once you do this you can become really good but you see less work. I decided to focus on the infrastructure and hardware areas. This puts me in the working part of the industry. I install and turn up the equipment and devices along as servicing the systems allowing me to work with the customers directly. This keeps me up to date with the types of hardware the industry is using and what my customers really need. Now, the draw back is you see so much different equipment that you can't possibly be an expert with all the equipment you have to work with. But you can get close! I have a list of a very diverse contract technicians independently working on or with all types of equipment  in the industry. This allows Z-COMM the ability to service and be as diverse as this every changing industry demands. I am always looking to the future of technology and ways to improve the systems Z-COMM is involved with. I enjoy what I do and like to prove myself to all I come in contact with. I think of my self as a 'techie' handy man of sorts. I hope this explains my part in this industry. I hope the customers I service will see that Z-COMM provides the best type of support and customer service, that is lacking in this industry . My clients  know they can count on me to be honest and treat their issues with expertise and proficiency. Thanks for looking to Z-COMM for your technical needs. I am proud to be an American & Living in and taking part in the great Tulsa, Oklahoma area community.
God bless you, and thanks for your time.