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Providing outstanding, reliable on-site service


Z-COMM has been providing outstanding, reliable on-site services to our valuable customers since 1998.

Z-COMM can help you  implement  your IT strategy for your business. We provide on-site service for today's ever changing market. It is essential that your voice and data networks are working 24/7.  Protecting your infrastructure, ideas, and investment is our primary goal. 


Experienced Staff

Z-COMM provides on-site support for optimal response to any IT situation. Our knowledgeable and professional field service team provides around the clock service. Our strategy is to identify changing needs and prepare you for them - before a problem arises. 


Competitive Pricing

 Z-COMM can support and manage your next Roll-Out.

We will Git-it-Done on time and on budget. 


24/7 On-Site Support


For all types of voice,data networks and POS systems Z-COMM works as your field service technician. We communicate with your help desk and IT providers as hands on in the field. This allows one technician to work on all aspects of the job. No more run around waiting on different company's sending out individual technicians. Z-COMM will protect your best interest.  Whether you need a T1 turned up, a router configured, a hard drive swapped out in a POS, or you are doing a roll out Z-COMM will save you time and money. For any type of equipment or cable installation services you are in need of,  Z-COMM's  network of contractors and independent installers are ready to enhance the efficiency and dependability of your networks and voice systems.  

VSAT Technology


  Z-COMM services and installs all types of V-SAT equipment.  
"VSAT" is a device that is used to communicate by bouncing signals off a satellite in geosynchronous (stationary) orbit above the earth. "VSAT terminals" are the satellite modem/router and small 1 - 3 meter dishes that operate at a customer's location. VSATs are sophisticated systems requiring a knowledgeable technician.  

Roll - Outs and Project Management


Whether you need to install new point-of-sale systems at thousands of restaurants, upgrade computers and software on hundreds of Back Office network cable Systems or conduct vsat site surveys across the US, Z-COMM is your solution. Our experienced project management skills and qualified team of technicians can scale your project, allocate resources, gather your data, and create project-specific reports, documentation and invoices. 

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